(Not) A Sweet Kitty

His scratch pole is the main mast, his territory the stormy ocean - Captain Cane is no ordinary cat. As a ship's cat in the pirate fleet, he sails the world. With wind in his fur, a drink in his paw and adventure in his unharmed eye, he lives for the freedom of the open sea. Only the finest rum varieties from the Caribbean flow into his Tiki mug, selected and combined on numerous privateer voyages. For just like any (pirate) cat Captain Cane knows exactly what he likes: "Smooth Carrrribbean Juice" - soft as a paw, sweet and with exotic notes of vanilla and coconut. Everything else? Can walk the plank!

The sweet taste of freedom

  • Nose

    Fruity, with exotic notes of tropical fruits and coconut, complemented by mellow aromas of soft vanilla and sweet caramel.

  • Palate

    Soft, mild and sweet. Pure Caribbean with exotic ripe fruits like banana, rounded off by vanilla, coconut and caramel as well as fine, spicy wood notes

  • Finish

    Pleasant, with lingering mild sweetness and delicate wood spice.


Captain Cane loves to share his liquid gold of the Caribbean with newcomers to the rum world and those with a sweet tooth. Both pirate-style straight and in casual favourites. Drink up!


5cl Captain Cane

1,5cl Limettensaft


Für die Garnitur: Grapefruit


Ein Longdrink-Glas mit Eiswürfeln füllen. Captain Cane
und Limettensaft hinzugeben, kurz umrühren und mit der Limonade auffüllen. Mit
einer Grapefruit-Spalte dekorieren.


  • Prickling pirate classic

    Dark & Lazy


    5cl Captain Cane

    2cl lime juice

    approx. 12 cl ginger beer

    For the garnish: lime & pirate gold


    Fill a long drink glass with ice cubes. First pour the ginger beer and lime juice into the glass, then add Captain Cane. Garnish with a lime zest and (if you want to give it away) some pirate gold. Stir before drinking.

  • Easy prey

    Ginger Cat


    5cl Captain Cane

    ginger ale

    For the garnish: lime & pineapple leaves


    Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Pour Captain Cane into the glass and top up with ginger ale to taste. Garnish with lime and pineapple leaves.

  • Makes Caribbean fans purr like a cat

    Meow Tai


    5 cl
    Captain Cane

    1.5 cl
    Orange liqueur

    2.5 cl lime juice

    1cl almond syrup

    For the garnish: mint & lime


    Shake all ingredients thoroughly in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Pour into your piratiki mug (or a tall glass) and garnish with mint and a slice of lime.

  • Für Naschkatzen

    Captain‘s Snack


    5cl Captain Cane

    4 Spritzer Angostura Aromatic Bitters

    Ginger Ale

    Für die Garnitur: Orange


    Ein Longdrink-Glas mit Eiswürfeln füllen. Captain Cane und
    Angostura Bitters hinzugeben und mit Ginger Ale auffüllen. Mit einer langen Orangenzeste garnieren.

  • Zum Kapitänsdinner

    Cane Cuban


    4,5cl Captain Cane

    2cl Limettensaft

    1,5cl Zuckersirup

    3 Spritzer Angostura Bitters

    8-10 Minzblätter

    6cl trockener Champagner, Crémant oder Winzersekt


    Sirup und Limettensaft in den Shaker geben, die Minze dazugeben und leicht andrücken. Rum und Angostura Bitters sowie Eiswürfel
    ergänzen und shaken. Doppelt in eine Cocktailschale abseihen, mit dem Schaumwein auffüllen und mit frischer Minze garnieren.

  • Katze mit Kokos

    Daring Daiquiri


    5cl Captain Cane

    2,5cl Limettensaft

    1,5cl Kokosnuss-Sirup

    Für die Garnitur: Limette & auf Wunsch Kokosraspeln


    Alle Zutaten im Cocktail-Shaker mit Eiswürfeln kräftig shaken. Durch ein feines Sieb in eine Cocktailschale abseihen und mit einer
    Limettenzeste oder -scheibe garnieren. Wer noch mehr Coconut-Feeling möchte, kann Kokosraspeln auf den Drink geben.